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Higher Ed Podcast | Office Hours with EAB

A weekly podcast where higher education leaders, experts, and trailblazers share ideas and insights with fellow leaders.

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How Much Are FAFSA Delays Impeding Yield?

Experts discuss how FAFSA implementation delays are impacting enrollment and share related strategies that admissions teams might adopt…

Are You Ready for More Campus Protests?

Experts discuss recent campus protests and offer tips to university leaders on how to prepare for more student…

Findings from EAB’s Newest Survey of College Freshmen

Experts discuss findings from a new EAB survey of 18- and 19-year-olds that explores their college search behaviors…

Graduate Enrollment Leaders Speak Out

Experts share findings from the latest joint, NAGAP-EAB survey of graduate enrollment leaders to learn about their challenges…

How to Make Your Institution Less Bureaucratic

EAB hosts a conversation with an author, academic, and expert on entrepreneurship to discuss ways to make colleges…

Will Performance-Based Admissions Boost Graduate Enrollments?

Experts share lessons learned on piloting “performance-based admissions” to grow graduate programs.

How Advancement Diversity and Technology Intersect at The New School

Experts discuss the importance of diversity and technology in university fundraising.

How to Build a Better Student

Experts discuss ways to help students acquire the study habits and time management skills they didn’t learn in…

Survey Reveals Top Concerns of Admissions Leaders

Experts discuss key findings from EAB’s latest survey of admissions leaders.
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